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The Homer Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity that provides financial assistance to qualifying Home Depot associates in need through two types of grants - Direct Grants and Matching Grants.


The Direct Grant requires the associate meet very specific criteria in order to qualify for assistance through this program. Generally, the Direct Grant targets associates who are unable to pay basic living expenses as a direct result of an unforeseen circumstance such as death, natural disaster, fire, illness or injury. The Direct Grant may also assist when financial hardship results from the unexpected unemployment of an associate or spouse due to a lay-off or company closure, or if a home rented by the associate is unexpectedly sold or foreclosed due to no fault of their own. The maximum grant amount for a Direct Grant is $10,000. More information about the Direct Grant may be found on the Direct Grants page.


The Matching Grant may be used to cover expenses not covered by a Direct Grant* (i.e., car loans, non-essential utilities, or to pay the remaining balance after Direct Grant has been exhausted). Matching Grants are a unique way the Fund recognizes the generosity of associates toward one another. When associates “pass the hat” to collect money to help another associate in need, the Fund will match their collection $2 for every $1 collected. The maximum grant amount for a Matching Grant is $5,000.

While the Matching Grant is more liberal than the Direct Grant, guidelines also exist for this program. More information on the Matching Grant may be found on the Matching Grants page.



*Expenses, such as bail money or money collected for organizations, will not be covered under a Matching Grant or Direct Grant.