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Impacted by Hurricane Florence?


If you are an associate who has been impacted by Hurricane Florence and are in need of assistance, please review the two types of Homer Fund grants detailed below and contact your management to apply.   


  • The Large Scale Natural Disaster Emergency Grant is available for associates in IMMEDIATE need of safe shelter because their homes are currently uninhabitable due to structural damage or evacuation, and in need of sufficient food and clothing while displaced.  For instance, associates seeking money to help with the cost of a hotel while displaced, or associates seeking help with purchasing clothing due to an unplanned evacuation which allowed them to take minimal clothing.
    • The loss of electricity alone does not qualify for a grant UNLESS electricity is a medical necessity
    • The loss of food due to the loss of electricity is not an expense addressed via an emergency grant
    • Associates should apply through a member of management at their store if their store is open; if their store is not open, associates may apply through the Crisis Command Center (when activated)
      • Grant funds will be distributed via a Western Union wire for immediate access (please allow 4 business hours to process)
        • Western Union confirmation numbers will be provided via e-mail, so please provide your management with an email address whenever possible
        • Associates who do not provide an e-mail address must call The Homer Fund (see number above) to get their confirmation number
        • Associates must have the ability to retrieve funds and use for housing, clothing or food



  • The Direct Grant application is available for post-storm needs for associates who need assistance to
    1. move into a new residence,
    2. repair current residence (structural, not aesthetic),
    3. pay insurance deductibles, and/or
    4. replace clothing
  • Applications will be submitted by your management post-disaster once you have determined what your need is and provided the appropriate documentation (i.e., insurance claim letter, repair estimates, etc.)


To reach a Homer Fund staff member with questions or concerns, please call (800) 654-0688 x12611.