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* Why was this individual or facility selected? If an individual, please include name, military branch, personal story, etc. (i.e., SFC Mark Allen was deployed to Afghanistan in June 2009. Less than a month later while on foot patrol his unit came under attack. His injuries left him limited use of his right hand but no purposeful movement in any other extremities. His dream was to have an accessible backyard where he could watch his children play.)
* Please describe the project and what was accomplished, in 250 words or less! Be sure to share all of the important aspects of your project, such as how the project was identified, who planned the project, who worked on the project, what you accomplished, when it was completed and who benefited from the work. (i.e., Team Depot installed 1,000 sq. ft. of vinyl flooring, painted 2 rooms and landscaped the facility. These renovations will make the facility more accessible and raise morale among the veterans who visit daily).
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