Courtney Smith - Northern Division
Sean Vissar - Southern Division
Ryan Braddy - Western Division
Kristine Cohn - National
Stephanie Burton - National
Joe Wimberley - National

Team Depot Nonprofit Partners

The Home Depot Foundation works with a small group of the nation's most engaged and respected nonprofit partners, along with thousands of local nonprofit organizations to directly address the needs of our veteran communities, as well as to help families impacted by natural disasters.  


Nonprofit Partner Resource Guide


National and Veteran Housing Grants (VHG) Partners

  • Leveraged Projects:
    • Nonprofit Resource Guide

    • Team Depot opportunities being provided by our partners who have received large dollar grants from the Foundation  

    • Additional funds are NOT needed for these projects; they leverage the funds received in their large grants

    • Multiple opportunities for Spring into Service and Celebration of Service 

    • Communication about possible projects will also come from the Foundation


Team Depot Leadership (National and VHG Partners)

Kristine Cohn, Foundation Field Specialist