Courtney Smith - Northern Division
Sean Vissar - Southern Division
Ryan Braddy - Western Division
Kristine Cohn - National
Stephanie Burton - National
Joe Wimberley - National

How To Plan A Project


Once you've chosen your nonprofit partner, the following steps will help you stay on track for a succesful project!

Plan a Site Visit - will aid you in scoping the site of the potential project to assure it's suitable in work load, determine the number of associates, estimate travel time and any other issues relevant to your store.  

Project Planning - provides a detailed time frame for all aspects of a project and is a great tool for Spring Into Service as well as Celebration of Service.


Project Funding Request Form - agreement tool between the nonprofit and the store regarding the project  scope of work, funding and other important information. 



Critical Documents

Listed below are examples of documents that can be cause for delay or denial of a grant application, when they are NOT included in the online application.  Work with your nonprofit partner to assure these documents are uploaded when they submit their application online.  

Nonprofit Insurance

Tax Status